Site 196

First Landing Camping Site 196

This tent site is huge!  It is very spacious with plenty of room to spread out and is very private.  It has a vast common area with no neighbors and is probably one of the bigger campsites in the campground.  The very back of the site backs up to a low marsh area.

Site 185

First Landing Campground Site 185

A small tent that is located on the drive leading up to the Godspeed boardwalk.  The campsite backed up to the marsh.  The common area behind it appeared to be partially flooded after a heavy rain. It is private to the left and in the front, but open to the main group camping area.

Site 186

First Landing Campground Site 186

This is an extremely spacious tent site with a large oversized camping area in the rear.   It is fully shaded.  There is a small area for parking in the front; probably enough for 2 cars.   The site has a  level surface and is right next to water supply.

Site 169

First Landing Camping Site 169

This tent site is fairly deep and have a level terrain with full shade.  Due to the trees, is has low clearance for trailers taller than 10′.  It is very private.  

Site 167

First Landing Camping Site 167

This tent site has a narrow parking area up in front which leads to a very large campsite area to the rear.  It is a very private location, with plenty of common area to explore.  It has full shade.  

Site 168

First Landing Camping Site 168

This tent site is huge.  It is extremely private, massive, shaded location.   It is an ideal spot with moderate terrain in the common area;  probably 20% hilly.