Site 204

First Landing Camping Site 204

A 20′ site with low clearance.   70% shade with a nice treed campsite area to the right.  

Site 205

First Landing Camping Site 205

This 50 foot campsite is narrow in the front driveway area, with a nice camp fire and larger common area to the right.   It has about 20% shade and is private except that it faces and is in direct view of the hospitality buildings and next to the Virginia Company boardwalk.  

Site 200

First Landing Camping Site 200

A very private 30 foot site.  Level parking in the front with a small camp fire area in the rear.  Very large common area which is 70% hills.  

Site 201

First Landing Camping Site 201

A 50′ site with a narrow flat driveway.  About 25% shade.   It feels rather small because the surrounding common area is heavily wooded, so exploring or spreading out would be restricted.

Site 202

First Landing Camping Site 202

This site has minimal shade, which is a plus if you love the sun or if you’re camping during cooler weather.   A small campsite with an adjacent camp fire area.   The common area has heavy brush coverage. It is partially private with the exception of being directly across the street from site 203.  

Site 203

First Landing Camping Site 203

A 20′ site with low clearance on the right hand side.  Larger common area in the rear that is approximately 50% hills and is fairly wooded.